New Digication Dashboard Beta Release

Over the past few months, we have been hard at work on some exciting new features for Digication!

We are pleased to announce the first beta release of our new Dashboard. This new Dashboard gives your Digication home page a new look and what is just the beginning of a lot of great new functionality for Digication users.

Activate your new Dashboard

Digication System Administrators are encouraged to contact to request access to this new beta feature for their schools or their individual accounts.

Not an Administrator? You can still try the new Dashboard for your individual account! Contact to request the Dashboard for your account.

My Updates

This new Dashboard features an entirely new area, "My Updates", that will give users more immediate feedback and also encourage community discussion. Since student and teacher conversations are very important to the learning process, we have focused the new Dashboard "My Updates" area around your e-Portfolios. Whenever a classmate leaves you a comment on your e-Portfolio, their recent activity will show up on your Dashboard, where you can easily view the new comments. 

We believe seeing both your updates and your classmates' updates will allow for many more conversations and expose your e-Portfolios to a greater audience. If you're concerned about privacy, you'll be comforted to know that your e-Portfolios and comments will only display to those whom you have given access in your e-Portfolio Settings page. If you have only given a few individuals at your school the ability to see your e-portfolio, only those individuals will be able to see your updates. If you have shared your e-Portfolio publicly or with the school community your classmates will be able to see your e-Portfolio comments as they are approved.

To get started viewing updates, leave a comment on one of your own e-Portfolios, or someone else's!

My Courses

In the "My Courses" area, we've added a link to bring you directly to Course e-Portfolios so you don't have to search around to find them.

We are excited about these new features and the improved experience they will bring you. Since this is a beta release, some features may change slightly and many more will be added in the upcoming weeks. Your feedback is very important to us and we look forward to hearing your questions, concerns, and encouragement. 

Please submit your feedback

Additional Dashboard FAQ

Will I see old comments in the “My Updates” area?

No, only comments made since your new Dashboard was enabled will appear in your “My Updates” area.

Whose comments will show up in the “My Updates” area?

Your comments, and the comments of your instructors and your classmates in any of your courses, as well as comments made on any other e-Portfolios to which you have been given access will appear in your “My Updates” area.

What about comments that require approval?

Only after a comment has been approved will it be visible in the “My Updates” area. Comments will appear in the stream in the order in which they were created, but only after being approved.

Will any other updates appear in the “My Updates” area?

At this time only comments will be visible in the My Updates area but yes, we are working to add other types of updates to your “My Updates” area in the future.

Will I see updates from courses and e-Portfolios to which I am subscribed in the “My Updates” area?

Not yet, but we will add updates from your subscriptions in the future.

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