New Digication Dashboard Feature: Reply From Dashboard

Replying from the Dashboard

We're excited to announce the ability to reply to an e-Portfolio page directly from the new Digication Dashboard. Here’s what you need to know to use this new feature:

Your Updates

The Dashboard "My Updates" feed contains messages showing you what has happened recently on a particular page of an e-Portfolio. When an e-Portfolio owner makes and publishes a change, a message is added on the Dashboard of everyone who has access to that e-Portfolio. When someone leaves a comment (either through the Dashboard or from the existing e-Portfolio commenting module), these comments will also show up in the Dashboard.

Your most recent activity update will display on your My Updates feed, and if there are additional updates to the page you can click the link (in the example above, “View all 2 messages”) to expand the Update and view all the activity for the page.

Replying to a Page

If an e-Portfolio page allows immediate comments, you may comment on the page directly from the Dashboard. Simply click in the reply box (don't worry, it will expand to allow you a little more room to reply) and begin typing your reply. Clicking the Reply button will save that comment and display it both on your Updates feed and in the original e-Portfolio comments module.

Since some e-Portfolios have custom comment settings, replying directly from the Dashboard may not be allowed. In these cases, the reply box is replaced with text alerting you that "commenting from the dashboard has been disabled for this page." Additionally, if an e-Portfolio page's comments require approval before showing, an orange "lock" icon will appear on that page in the Dashboard. 

Enable Replying from the Dashboard

If you are the e-Portfolio owner (or an editor/publisher) and would like to allow users to reply from the Dashboard (which we recommend), simply go to your e-Portfolio page and make sure "Anyone" (recommended) or "Registered Users" can comment, and select "Show comments immediately".

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