Batch Assignment Import

Department or school-wide standards-aligned assignments and projects are now delightfully easy to distribute to faculty.  From the Manage Courses section, admins can import assignments directly into a number of courses at once, "pushing" the course content to the classes without the need for faculty to do any configuration of their own.

Simply search for and select the desired courses, and with just a few clicks the assignment has been added to the courses you have chosen.  Click "View Assignments Added" to see a log of these actions.


- Along with this ability comes a mechanism for admins to go back and delete assignments they imported mistakenly.  To ensure that there is no accidental data loss, we have restricted this ability to only assignments that have never been modified by faculty or students.

- As an aid to this process, you can now search for multiple course IDs separated by commas, allowing this new import function to be used on a large scale with minimal effort.

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