New Feature: Customizable Dashboard Widget

Hello friends, 

Many of you have requested customized text or links to resource ePortfolios for all users to see when they log in. We've been able to do this in the past by request using our own tools, but have really wanted to give administrators the ability to share and update their text and links to resources easily without needing to notify our support team.

We are very happy to announce that soon we will be pushing a feature that will allow system administrators to place a widget to display within the system dashboard so that it will be available to all users upon logging in. This feature will also work seamlessly regardless of whether you're using the new or standard dashboard within your school's Digication system. The widget will support HTML so that administrators can customize the display of text and links easily.

The Widget Displaying in the Standard Dashboard

The Widget Displaying in the New (Opt-In) Dashboard

It is our hope that this will make is easier to share school-wide resources like help/resource ePortfolios as well as other important information such as announcements.

Once the feature is pushed, we will publish an article detailing how administrators can add their content to the widget via the "Administration" tab.

Kind regards,
Your friends at Digication

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