New Feature: Attachments for Assignment Descriptions

Hello friends, 

We're happy to announce that we've pushed the ability to attach files to the assignment descriptions within courses. This allows faculty to provide students with additional materials to help guide their work by sharing things such as handouts, rubrics or reference materials within the assignments themselves.

To Add An Attachment within An Assignment Description

  • Create the text that will function as a link for the material within the assignment description.

  • Select the text and click on the "Hyperlink" button in the toolbar.

  • To the right of the "Link URL" dialogue you'll see an icon; this is the "Browse/Add Attachment" icon that you'll need to find to upload your document.

  • Click "Choose File" and select the file you wish to upload by double-clicking on it
  • Once the file is chosen and the "Link URL" field is filled out; you just have to click "Insert" and then the file will be uploaded and linked within the description.

  • After the file is inserted, remember to click the "Save" button under the assignment description. Once you've saved the announcement, you will be taken to the assignment view which will allow you to see and test the newly created link to the attached document.

It's our hope that this new capability will help to support student learning by supplementing the assignments with additional materials when needed. Please let us know what you think!

Kind regards,
Your Friends at Digication

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