New Feature: Batch Import Assignments Within Courses

Hello friends,

Importing assignments between courses just got easier! In two weeks, we'll be pushing a feature that will allow you to import assignments from other courses in which you are faculty quickly and easily.

After November 20th, clicking on "Add Assignment" within a new course will now give you two options; "Import Assignments" or "Create New Assignment."

To Import Assignments Between Courses

  • Navigate to the course which you'd like to import the assignments into.
  • Click on "Add Assignment."
  • Underneath "Import Assignments," click on the "Browse Assignments" button.
  • Choose another course with the assignments you want to import from the drop down and click "Go."
  • Select which of them are to be imported by checking them off, and click the "Batch Add" button to place them within the course.*Any standards attached to these assignments will be imported into the course as well.

It's our hope that this new feature will allow faculty to easily manage assignments between courses.

Your friends at Digication

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