The "Import" page is where administrators can go to upload CSVs to:

  1. Batch-create users
  2. Batch-create courses
  3. Quickly enroll students and faculty within courses
  4. Create system groups
  5. Upload assignments to courses


The "Settings" page under "Import" gives administrators a brief summary of the types of data imports available with links to documentation.


The "Logs" area is where administrators can check on the status of any imports that have been run previously or are in process (as may be the case for very large files); the "Details" link is where administrators can see which lines of a particular import CSV generate an error, for easy troubleshooting and correction.


The "Upload" page is where any of the standard types of import CSVs are going to be uploaded. Please refer to the following articles for detailed instructions on each type as found in theUser Managementchapter of this guide:

Upload Simple

The "Upload Simple" area is where administrators can upload users using the "Simple Upload" CSV. This is by far the quickest and easiest method of uploading new users in batches. For a more in-depth look at the simple import, please refer to following article:Creating Users Using the Simple Upload CSV

*Please keep in mind that this method requires that the CSV file be under 1000 lines in order to successfully upload. For larger user imports, it may make more sense to use thestandard user CSVas it does not have the same limitations.

Upload Assignments

Assignments can also be uploaded using the specifications outlined in the yellow box available on this page. Please note that the "course_otherid," specified in the provided instructions are the same value as the "SyncID" that needs to be generated for to courses using a CSV import. For more about course imports, please see:Creating and/or Updating Courses in Batches Using the Standard CSV Import

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