Manage Users & Groups

Manage Users

"Manage Users," allows you to search for and filter users by name, username, email creation date, and role. Clicking on the name of a user brings you to the "Edit User," page. The checkboxes to the left of the screen allow you to select multiple users to edit at the same time.

Batch Edit Options

Once users have been selected by clicking on the checkboxes next to their names, you can use batch edit options by clicking on the drop down menu next to "Checked Users:" towards the bottom of the screen. The available options are as follows:

  • Mark users as alumni
  • Deactivate users
  • Reactivate deactivated users
  • Mark Current (Not Alumni)
  • Mark Faculty

Edit User

Clicking on the name of a user from the "Manage Users" screen takes you to the "Edit User," page. This page allows you to change the first and last name of a user, as well as their password (unless your campus is using a single sign-on process to authenticate; to learn more about how Digication handles SSO, go here), email, timezone, roles, and whether or not the student is active. Once changes are made, clicking "Save," retains those changes for the user account. Below the "Save," button you'll also see what courses the user is enrolled in as well as a list of their ePortfolios.

Manage Groups

The "Manage Groups," area is where administrators have the ability to create system groups for the easy sorting of users with different roles or affiliations. Groups can also be created automatically using the group import CSV, which you can learn more about here.

Edit Group

The "Edit Group," option gives you a drop down to select which system groups you'd like to edit. Upon selecting one and clicking "Go," a user is brought the page shown below.

Renaming a Group

The first thing you'll see on the group editing page is the ability to rename the group. Underneath the empty field you'll also see an option that says, "Faculty should see this group in the course user access manager." This allows for faculty to easily enroll an entire system group to a course, community, or assessment group when needed.

The "In Group" Tab

On the group editing page, the group can be renamed and users can be removed from the "In Group," tab by checking off one or many and clicking on the "Select Action," button to choose "Remove From Group."

The "Not In Group" Tab

The "Not in group," tab shows the admin an entire roster of all users, which they can search and navigate by pages to select and enroll users into the group. This is only recommended for quick changes of small groups of people. For large groups, please contact support at for help importing users into system groups.

Create Group

Creating a new group brings you to a new "Edit Group," screen, where you'll be able to enroll and remove users using the "In Group," and "Not In Group," tabs as shown earlier.

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