Updated ePortfolio Download Feature

We are excited to announce an updated ePortfolio Download Feature.

The download feature has gone through a major update and is now more stable and reliable. The download ePortfolio features gives end users the ability to download their ePortfolio at anytime. The downloaded ePortfolio will include all the standard html pages of the ePortfolio as well as any files and media that were uploaded to the ePortfolio (including large format videos). 

To download your ePortfolio, simply click on the Portfolio Tools menu at the top right of your ePortfolio.Select the Download option.

Then, just click on the Download button.

Downloaded ePortfolios are useful for:

  • presentations of your ePortfolio when you do not have internet access
  • offline backups of your ePortfolio
  • requests for providing individuals copies of your ePortfolio (just save it to a USB drive!)
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