New Feature: Visually Display PDF Files in ePortfolios

Show-off those PDFs in your ePortfolio 

We're excited to announce an improvement to the display of .pdf files in ePortfolios! Now you can upload and visually display your .pdf files directly within your ePortfolios. 

Here's how it works:

You can upload a .pdf document to an Image/Video/Audio module OR using the "Insert Media" button on the Rich Text Module toolbar. Uploading a .pdf now works exactly the same as uploading other kinds of media (like images, video or audio files).

Once the document is uploaded, you'll see it displayed within your module. Viewers of the document are provided with tools to easily navigate, zoom in or out, or switch to full screen viewing of the .pdf, as well as a Tools menu with additional options including printing or downloading. This new feature is a great option to more visually display and provide a print version of your resume.

Above, a .pdf displayed within an ePortfolio. Across the top of the document is a toolbar.

The tools from left to right are:

Sidebar- this is a toggle which allows the user to click a thumbnail to navigate to a particular page of an ePortfolio. See below for a closer look at the Sidebar.

Previous Page- steps back in the document a single page.

Next Page- steps forward in the document a single page.

Current page text field- shows the page you are on in the document. You can enter a page number here to navigate directly to a particular page.

Zoom out- clicking the minus sign button zooms out on the document.

Zoom in- clicking on the plus sign button zooms in on the document.

Full Screen- clicking the multi-arrow button causes the document to display on the full screen. (Clicking the exit full screen link or your keyboard's "esc" button reverts to the ePortfolio view.)

Tools- clicking the double arrow button displays the additional Tools menu. See the last screenshot below for a closer look at the additional Tools. 

Additional Tools - here's a closer look at the additional Tools menu.

Additional Tools:

  • Print 
  • Download
  • Current View
  • Go to First Page
  • Go to Last Page
  • Rotate Clockwise
  • Rotate Counterclockwise
  • Enable hand tool - allows you to drag the .pdf within the display
  • Document Properties - gives you some information about the origins of the document.

If you have questions or feedback about this new feature, we'd love to hear from you at

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