New Digication Dashboard Feature: Update Filtering

Dear Digication Community, 

We're continuing to refine and improve our new Dashboard and are excited to announce the ability to filter the updates you receive. Now you can better focus on the updates you want to see!

We'll be releasing this new feature within the next 48 hours - here's what you can expect:

When you look at your Dashboard, under "My Updates", you'll notice the words "Show only messages from..." at the top of the feed. 

Click in that box to select from a drop-down list of your courses, or to choose only to see updates from your e-Portfolios.

Your selections will appear in the filter bar and the updates from only those areas will be displayed in your feed.

To narrow your results, click the X next to a selection to remove that area.

Many thanks to our hardy Dashboard beta-testers - we have appreciated your feedback tremendously!

Interested in beta-testing the new Dashboard? Instructions for enabling it for your own account are here:

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