edTPA Candidate Overview

edTPA Guide

Visiting the edTPA tab for the first time

Getting started with edTPA in Digication is easy. Simply click on the edTPA tab in your course, and begin creating your edTPA materials. Click the "+ New edTPA Materials" button to get started.

Create new edTPA Materials

Select the appropriate handbook by choosing from either National or Washington handbooks, and click "Begin".

Settings For These edTPA Materials

Click the "More" menu on your Handbook to add an Authorization Key and access supporting documentation. You'll need to validate your Authorization Key before you can transfer, which you can do at any time prior to transferring your materials. Be sure to download the accompanying documents to help with your work samples.

Upload Your Work

Uploading your work is simple - Click the "Upload a file" button on any part of your handbook, then drag and drop, or select a file from your computer and we'll save it for you. Upload all of your work in one sitting, or a little bit each day. Your work is always here when you return.

Note: Accepted file types are provided for each part of your handbook.

Discuss Your Work With Faculty Members

As you upload your work, you and your faculty members may engage in helpful discussion in the Activity Log.

Transfer Your edTPA Materials

When you're ready to transfer, we'll run through and validate all file uploads and make sure they look correct. If you're happy with the preview, we'll transfer to edTPA on your behalf.

Finish Submitting Your edTPA Materials With edTPA

After edTPA has accepted materials, you'll get an email containing instructions for authorizing an official assessment. 

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