Security update: upcoming user password reset prompt

Dear Digication Community,

The security of your accounts is of paramount importance to us. We are making an upgrade in this area which will require that our active users reset their passwords. 

The password reset requirement will only apply to schools whose users login through a Digication interface with Digication-specific login credentials.

Users will begin to be prompted to change their passwords when they login, starting on January 1, 2013.

New passwords must be between 8 and 30 characters long, and contain at least one uppercase or lowercase letter AND at least one number. Users will receive feedback as to the strength of the new password that they choose.

Users will be able to choose to ignore the prompt and login to Digication without changing their passwords, but will continue to be prompted every time they login.

Admins: imports of new user accounts will not be affected by these new password requirements. 

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we work to improve Digication's security!

Please note: This will not apply to schools who authenticate their own users via a single-sign-on solution. Only users who log in through a Digication interface with Digication-specific credentials will need to reset their passwords.

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