New Feature: Improved Comment Settings

We've made some changes to Comment Settings that we know you're going to love! 

The new Comment Settings gives you greater control and easier access to your comment settings. You'll be able to make global changes to your comment settings on a per e-Portfolio basis, choose default settings for new e-Portfolios, and apply new settings to existing e-Portfolios.

Here's what to look for:

We're adding a new Comment Settings area in your Digication profile. (To access your profile, click your name at the top of the page.)

You'll see the Comment Settings at the bottom of your profile page.

Here you can choose your own default for how you want comments handled in future e-Portfolios.

You can choose to apply the same setting to all your current e-Portfolios, too.

You can also customize the comment settings for individual e-Portfolios. 

During the creation of a new e-Portfolio, you can choose your comments settings for that e-Portfolio. You'll see a new "Comments" area at the bottom of the settings page of your new e-Portfolio. Just change the default settings to customize your comments settings!

You can also return to the Settings page of any e-Portfolio and adjust the Comment Settings at any time.

When you make a change to the comment settings of an existing e-Portfolio, you have the option to apply the change to all of the existing pages. If you don't check the option to apply to existing pages, the new comments settings will only apply to the new pages you create for your e-Portfolio.

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