Embedding VoiceThread in Digication e-Portfolios

Based on feedback from our user community, we have enabled embedding for VoiceThreads (http://voicethread.com/) in Digication e-Portfolios.

Please note: This feature is currently only available to those Digication users who have requested the new URL-based beta embedding option be added to their accounts. Want the new URL-based beta embedding option? Write us at support@digication.com and let us know - we'll be happy to add that for you!

Here's how it works:

First, click on the menu of the VoiceThread you would like to embed. Select "Share" or "Embed". 

 Then, copy the URL link to the VoiceThread (it contains "voicethread.com/share/").

Next, in your Digication e-Portfolio, you can add your VoiceThread to an Image/Audio/Video module. 

To add to an Image/Audio/Video module: click the "Edit" tab, then click "Replace this media".

 A "My Assets" window will pop up. Paste the URL into the text box on the "Media From Web (new)" tab, and click preview. Then click "Done".

Now your VoiceThread is embedded in your e-Portfolio. Don't forget to Publish!

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