Submitting Assignments from your e-Portfolio (New)

We are currently transitioning to a newer, friendlier submission process, which is described below.

If what you see at your school is different, you might be using the older method, which is described here:

Here's how it works:

As before, a student would select "Submit" from the "Portfolio Tools" drop-down menu.

The "Submit Your e-Portfolio" window will open and the student will be presented with a list of active assignments that are available to them.

Selecting "More info" next to an assignment will give the student some additional information about the assignment and any submissions they may have already made.

Clicking on the desired assignment brings the student to the next step - selecting the page(s) of the e-Portfolio they'd like to submit.

By default, the page the student was on when they started the submission process will be selected. The student can choose to add additional pages individually or select their entire e-Portfolio by clicking the e-Portfolio Title (All Pages) option.

Please Note: Pages containing unpublished content are labeled "Draft", as shown below.

Once the selection is complete, the student clicks the blue "Submit" button to submit their e-Portfolio page(s) to the assignment.

A confirmation screen will appear with the details of the submission. The student has the opportunity at this point to undo their submission if they realize they've submitted the wrong work by clicking the "Oops! Undo submission" link.

When the student is satisfied with their submission, they can click "Close" to close the submission window.

Please click the link below to see a quick video demonstration of the newer submission process.

If you'd like to try this new feature, please contact to have it enabled for your school or your account!

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