Course Settings Page

This help content is only applicable to:

  • administrators or faculty managing a course, community or assessment group.

The Course Settings page gives you quick access to everything you need to manage a course.

In the left menu you will find the following:

View and edit general information about the course or delete a course.

(This feature is only available to users who have access to the Digication Assessment Management System) Add Assignments and manage Assessment of student work by adding Standards to your course.

Control who has access to your course, track attendance, view course access logs, and distribute group emails.

Grade student work right in Digication using the Gradebook. Customize grade settings to match your school's grading policy or your syllabus.

Create online, threaded discussions with ease and manage the order they display, the categories you need to label your discussions, create groups of students to view specific discussions for team based and collaborative communication, export discussions to access your course content without connecting to Digication for archival purposes, or if you need to access course content without an internet connection, or import discussions from a previous course. 

Quick Links
Quick link are links will display on the left menu inside all your course pages. If you have website you want your students to view on a regular basis, this is a great place to store them. Click on Edit Links to add and edit quicklinks.

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