Taking Attendance In Your Course

Before you are able to take attendance, you need to add people to your course via the User Access link.

You also need to create attendance events. To do this, enter an event name under the Create New Column at the bottom of the page. For example, you could enter the class date.

Once you have added an event, you will see a list of all the students in your course. In the event column next to each name, you will be able to select from a dropdown whether they were Present, Late, Excused or Unexcused. Once you click the dropdown arrow, you can select an option using the following keys on your keyboard:
"p" for present,
"l" for late,
"e" for excused,
"u" for unexcused.
Your option will automatically be saved.

For each student's event attendance, you can record notes at the bottom of the page. After you type a note, click Save.

If your course has groups, you can filter your view by group using the View dropdown on the top of the page.

Rename a Column

To rename a column, first select one of the attendance dropdowns in that column (you will be able to tell which column is selected by looking at the Edit Current Column value located in the bottom right of the Attendance window). Once you've selected the desired column, you can modify its name by changing the Edit Current Column value and pressing the submit button.

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