Creating A New Discussion

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  • administrators or faculty managing a course, community or assessment group.

Creating a New Discussion

To create a new discussion you can simply fill in a title, and text in the body area and click Save at the bottom of the page.

Choose Categories

Click the Choose Categories button if you wish to categorize your discussion as an Assignment, Resource, Handout, etc. or adjust other settings such as who can view and reply to the discussion, if the discussion is gradable, or if the discussion has any time constraints on when replies are accepted.


To notify everyone you have given access to view this discussion, check the box next to
Notify everyone with view permission by email. An email will be sent to everyone in the course that can see the discussion that it has been created. The email will include a link directly to the discussion within Digication. Notifications are a great way to keep students informed that new material has been added to a course.

Adding Attachments

To add attachments to to a discussion click on the Add Attachment button. A window will open where you can choose one or multiple files to attach. 

As files are being uploaded you will see a progress percentage detailing how quickly a file is being added to the discussion. When complete it should read 100%. After all files have bee attached you can drag and drop them to the desired order.

Any file type can be attached, however, each file can be no more than 20mb.

Drawing Tool

To mark-up an image that has been added as an attachment, click the Open Drawing Tool button. The Drawing Tool is a mini whiteboard/image editor built-in to discussions.

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