Viewing Standards in a Course

  • administrators or faculty managing a course, community or assessment group.

  • those who have access to the Digication Assessment Management System.

In the Standards tab all students who have access to the class will be listed on the left of the table displayed. If standards have been added to the class, they will display across the top of the table.

This table provides a quick view of the status of students completing each standard by filling a cell with color. You can view the status of each student’s achievement of these standards, review how the class is doing overall or review how particular groups are doing within the class that the you are responsible for assessing. 

By clicking on a student’s name, you can see the work that the student has submitted, or you can view how well the student is meeting the required standards.

By clicking the List View  you can view all the Standards that have been added to the course as a list.

To add standard to your course, click the Add Standard button.

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