Changing Your Course Settings

This help content is only applicable to:

  • administrators or faculty managing a course, community or assessment group.

On the Course Settings page, you will be able to change the course settings you entered when you first created your course.

Course, Community, or Assessment Group - First, choose whether you want this to be listed as a course, community or assessment group. 

Note: Assessment groups are only available if your school has access to the Assessment Management System

Courses, Communities and Assessment Groups have the same functionality, but show up in different sections of your dashboard. You can use courses or assessment groups to distribute course or program materials, engage in online discussions, and if you have access to the assessment management system, add assignments correlated to your school's standards or objectives. You can use communities for purposes such as clubs, groups, or internal training. 

Title - The title of your course shows up on the dashboard and on every page of your course.

Course Number (optional) - Entering the course number can help administrators at your school manage courses.

Short Description (optional) - This description will show up on the dashboard under your course title, so keep it short, preferably a sentence or less.

Availability Dates - Choose start and end dates for your course. Between these dates, everyone with access to the course will see it on their dashboard. After the end date, they will have to click Show Past Courses to access the course.

Tools (optional) - Select the tools you need for your course.

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